So I Employees Need Capital?

Now I remember being taught a simple philosophy when I joined a MLM. Very unique, because even slightly against the flow is also very correct idea. 

Friends - friends certainly often heard, many people think that more good employees so (what with the salary of the executive and the myriad of overlapping facilities emang enak bener sich;)). So employees that if the week day ama days of certain holidays, without a salary cut. Is that sick, can still benefit from the company, can leave 12 days per year, hours, work regularly, regular income, which are usually spelled also Enak Loh GAK PAKE usah CAPITAL, you need to open a business capital for a place to rent, buy a stock of goods, paid employees, not to mention nearly a year I loss respectively. Oops easy way to do smth so employees do? 

But what is that? Really a officers without risk? 

Try our pilah-pilah ya? So employees that NEED CAPITAL ?  where I have employees who are paid in the future (in the early hours before work), certainly dibayarnya at the end of the month eh? So, working first one month, ntar late receipt of salary. 

Is the cost of living before receiving a salary from which it? Well, friend - friend, that is the capital so employees: ( 

How is so employees without the risk? In fact enggak also loh, the name also, I followed you, "I do not ikutin me again." Why try? That name in PHK, although be pesangon, fixed PHK aja name, and it can happen at any time. 

Around 2 years ago I even surprised akan PHK called retirement early large-scale in a public company (I need not mention his name). At the same time, even employees who have worked over 20 years so get any love letters, next day is directly non-active (pesangon salaries and their rights will be transferred according to the date set). 

Serasa so cruel? Emang say the company does not need, perhaps these people will appreciate them for example a non-active then, so I can be so mentally ready. But it is so that employees, who pay up to ya?: ( 

Back to the topic, so if the employee needs capital, practically the same with ya aja open business? 

Anyway, I wanted to suggest here, though there are among us who still work , how  salaries and facilities received, you should still consider yourself to have a business, even though the new small business. 

Even if not for the money, do this for an alternative way for the business period of time in retirement 

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