Tricks are friends with Google

Not been, the search engine is very influential to the success of the business on the internet. So that we can benefit as big, we must take advantage of dodgy search engine optimization so that we always appear at the top of the order of search results "uncle Google" 

Make sure that the Google index our site 
First, so that we can be indexed by Google, a site Anyar must be registered first. But now we do not need to register. The simplest way to go to a forum that is indexed by Google (for example and write a comment discussion (not ads), and we use the signature site. Automatically, when Google came to dating there there, we also address the site will be indexed by Google. 

Do update daily 
Although the products that we sell does not change, do update daily on our site. How, fill the site with articles related. If we sell Jepara carving, enter the article - an article about Jepara carving. More often in a site update, the more diligent menyambangi Google our site, and the greater the opportunities our site in order to appear on the search results. 

Choose the right keywords 
This keyword will be a guide when creating a sequence of Google search results. When a load any posts, use keywords that are most often used by search engine users. To find out, we can ask to Google Trends. 

Show the self-convincing 
Way communication in the Internet is influenced by the ability to persuade others through writing. This should be. Business site which contains articles - articles that will fascinate even looks more convincing, say, that does not have a business office. "Perception is more than reality," said marketing experts. 

Avoid the traps on the Internet 
In addition to providing many opportunities, the Internet is also full of a trap, do not get stuck. If our business to market, do not do so vulgar, for example, to disrupt a mailing list. If caught by Google, the ads that our site will be considered as waste (spam). If you want to market themselves on a mailing list, follow up as regular members. Send articles or comments to help the honest and provide a solution, and the signature site ginakan our business. That is an effective form of advertising.

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